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Dress for Success: Can the Clothes You Wear Have an Impact on Your Mental and Overall Health?

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. – Rachel Zoe

The clothes you wear can play a pivotal role in how well you do in this life. It can be an important bridge to your sacred calling and in you reaching your highest level of success.

Dressing well not only reflects who you are as a person, but it also reflects how well you view yourself in this world and how well you perceive life and everything around you. The perfect outfit can make any day seem like a perfect one. It can instantly lift and improve your overall mood and state of well- being. It mentally makes you want to smile and appreciate all the good that God has given you. It helps you to focus on the positive versus the negative. You can walk in stride with your head held high loving everything about life! It is just the internal medicine you need to keep your body healthy, your mind sharp, and your spirit free as you move forward in life without fear, apology, or regret. Looking good never felt better!

Fashion psychologists and experts agree.

Dressing for success has been proven to have a positive impact on your thinking process[1] and on how well you perform[2] and interact with those around you. The outfit you wear, and how well you feel in it, tells others what you believe your position is in this life should be. It releases the “feel-good” neurotransmitter known as dopamine[3], a chemical compound produced in the brain that is strongly associated with feelings of pleasure, joy, and happiness.

According to Shakaila Forbes-Bell[4], fashion psychologist and the founder of Fashion is Psychology, “People experience changes in their emotional state with a change in their style of dress." (“Boost Your Mood with The Right Outfit”). She goes on to say, “When you wear clothes that make you feel confident, happy, and empowered, they can act as armor, shielding you from negative feelings and experiences.”

Selecting the perfect outfit is a practice of mindfulness. It brings self-awareness to your inner self; it is a way for the body and the mind to stay fully connected while allowing a stronger communication with the soul.

When we dress with intent and purpose, it unleashes an inner force that empowers us with the knowing that there is nothing we cannot do or accomplish.

So my dear friends, dress for success and do it with much gratitude and appreciation. Thank our Creator for all that He has done and will continue to do for you each and every day.

You are here with a purpose! Be the light in which you wish to attract. Invite the peace, love, and prosperity that awaits you and use it to enrich the lives in all who surrounds you.

May you find the perfect outfit and may you wear it well!

Peace, love, and many blessings.

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