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This One Device Could Save You Thousands of Dollars in Pest Control

Protect yourself from bed bugs and sleep well again.

* Disclosure: I am an affiliate marketer with the brand(s) mentioned in this post and if you click on some of the links or banners, I may receive a commission from my partners should you decide to purchase from them today or in the near future.

Bed bugs are not only an embarrassment, but also an annoyance. Whether you are currently battling a bed bug infestation or you simply want to prevent them. One thing is for sure, it's no easy task.

However, I found a device that not only will effectively prevent, manage, and kill bed bugs but it’s also nontoxic, safe, and easy to use.

But first I would like to explain to you a little about bed bugs.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small apple-seed sized insects that feed on humans during the night. They are extremely difficult to get rid of and their bites can leave itchy and painful bumps. One of the things that make them almost impossible to eradicate is that they are resistant to most insecticides and they multiply extremely fast. They also can hide anywhere and in almost anything; they just don't live in your bed as their name suggest.

What Kills Bed Bugs?


Heat is a proven kryptonite for killing bed bugs. In other words, they will die when exposed to temperatures at 113 degrees Fahrenheit for 90 minutes or more or for 118 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes. This also includes the elimination of any eggs.

You could use your clothes dryer to kill bed bugs so long as you place the items in the dryer, on high heat, for at least 40 minutes. The problem with this is that you cannot place things, such as, books, electronics, or leather goods in the dryer without ruining them.

This is where the Zappbug Heater comes in:

What is a Zappbug Heater?

The Zappbug Heater is a portable device that you can place your personal items in to treat and kill bed bugs, and their eggs, at ALL stages of life. This is extremely useful for those who travel a lot, because you can put your luggage in this upon returning home from a trip. It is also an excellent tool to use in adjunction with your bed bug treatment. The Zappbug heater can save you money by allowing you to keep your valuable and most precious items and not having to replace them all later.

The "oven" uses constant heat above 120 degrees Fahrenheit for 6 to 8 hours. Bed bugs do not stand a chance!

It's like a slow cooker for bed bugs.

I love this heater! It is so simple and easy to use; it takes me about ten minutes or less to set it up.

I really wish that I had discovered this heater a couple of years ago, because I had to discard many sentimental and valuable things after enduring a six-month bed bug infestation.

Thankfully, I no longer have bed bugs, but I use this heater to treat any new clothes that I have purchased from the store or any packages that I have received in the mail. Bed bugs are also excellent hitch hikers and will find their way into your home if you are not careful. Since I take public transportation often, the Zappbug Heater has become my trusted friend.

Easy to Assemble and Safe to Use

The Zappbug heater measures 37.5" x 23" x 23" and can be transported in the handy storage case that comes with it. As I have already stated , it takes me less than 10 minutes to set it up by myself. I simply unfold the Zappbug"tent" and attach the heating component before plugging it into the wall. It uses a 1500w, 110v power source that can be safely used in any commercial or residential site. I then turn the unit on before placing my items inside. This step is very important as it will immediately cause any live bed bugs hiding in your possessions to go into a state of "catatonic shock. I next place the digital wireless thermometer inside the heater with my items to ensure that the temperature remains over 120 F, or higher. The unit has an automatic turn-off panel and a "tip-over" safety feature.

Bed bugs will quickly die within 3 to 6 hours.

Zappbug warrants their heater, to the original purchaser, against defects in materials and workmanship for 365 days from the date of purchase.

So before you throw away all of your precious items, or spend a fortune on costly treatments that don’t work, you might just want to try a Zappbug Heater.

Buy the Zappbug heater today! Your peace of mind is just one click away:

For a complete do-it-yourself bedbug program, try BBBB, LLC.

Author Bio

Isabella Boston

Isabella Boston is a multi-talented writer and the Founder of Bella’s Attic Studio. She has several years of experience in content writing, copywriting, and social media strategies. She is the author of the romantic and rare memoir, Passion of Flames. Isabella is currently working to spread awareness on the dangers and inhumanity of human sex trafficking. She has special interests in fashion and beauty, health and wellness, and natural healing as it pertains the body, mind and soul. When Isabella is not writing, she enjoys playing the violin, learning new languages (currently Italian), and reading books of substance.


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