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Seven Ways to Bring in the New Year and Count Down to 2024!

Can you believe it?  Another year has passed and 2024 is almost here!  Whether you choose to stay home or go out to bring in the new year, there are lots of fun ways to celebrate and count down to 2024!

Seven ways to bring in the new year and count down to 2024:

  1. Have a potluck dinner party: The holidays can leave you feeling exhausted and drained. Why not invite some friends over and ask each of them to bring a dish to bring in the new year?  This way no one bears the brunt of the work.

2. Attend a party: Gather with some close friends to celebrate the New Year and dance the night away while you are at it!

3. Have a Pizza and Karaoke night: Who doesn’t love pizza?  It’s both delicious and affordable!  And what better way to have fun than eating pizza while singing Karaoke with close family and friends on New Year’s Eve?

4. Create a time capsule :  Collect memorabilia, historic events and newspaper clippings from the passing year and seal them in a time capsule. You can make one on your own or with friends and family to open at a much later date —perhaps on another New Year’s Eve?

5. Have a game night: Dust off the game boxes and get ready for some fun!  Whether you play with just your family or gather with some friends, board games are guaranteed to bring you lots of joy and laughter!

6. Watch the ball drop at times square: Watching the ball drop in Times Square has always been a  cherished tradition in my own home.  Whether you venture out to see it in person, or tune in from the comfort of your couch, the “Ball Drop” is a classic and fun way to bring in the new year!

7. Watch fireworks! The fourth of July isn't the only time to enjoy fireworks. Check your local area for the nearest New Year Eve's fireworks and count down to a spectacular show!

No matter how you decide to bring in the new year, please make it fun, make it memorable, and make it safe. 

May God bless you and may you have a Happy New Year!   

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