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Stay Organized With Elegance and Style

Finally, a planner that features women of color!

A review by Isabella Boston.

The Melsy's Planner.

As far back as I can remember, I have always been drawn to paper, pens, and planners. Fancy notebooks with cute “to do” list gave me goose bumps whenever I just looked at them; they were my obsession. I guess these things were the early signs of me becoming a future writer.

My planner is my trusted and close friend. A constant companion. It holds important dates, ideas, and many of my precious memories. It is a priceless keepsake for many years to come. Not only that, but a planner is a great record keeper. I cannot tell you how many times I have pulled an old planner out of storage to look up an important date.

But, finding the perfect planner isn't always easy. I not only need a planner that is functional, but one that is also cute ~ I love to look fashionable. I am also a busy woman who needs lots of organization, so I look for weekly and monthly sheets with plenty of space for notes. Oh, and don't forget the stickers! Yes, I am a kid at heart who loves stickers. Besides it's therapeutic.

Over the years I have tried many planners: Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade, Day Design, and Erin Condren..... just to name a few. But none of them really satisfied me or fulfilled my meticulous needs.


Who is Melsy?

Melsy, a nick name given to her by her mother, is a self-taught artist and entrepreneur from Boston, Massachusetts (Her real name is Jamel). She left her 9 to 5 corporate job to start her own business (that’s what I’m talking about! A girl who is not afraid to take a risk! ) After overcoming many obstacles and refusing to be told “no“, she founded “Melsy’s Illustrations,” specializing in planners, tote bags, candles, and much more!

Since I am a natural "girly-girl" at heart, I was immediately captivated by her innate elegance and class that is deeply dispicted in her artwork.

Melsy also offers her planners in different skin tones. As a woman of color, I can really appreciate this. Growing up, there were few positive images in books, magazines, and on television that looked like me. Even the Barbie dolls that I owned and that were created to inspire young girls, did not look like me. So the fact that Melsy created her planners for everyone, made me want to own one even more.

One of Melsy's unique tradmarks is that she conceals the faces of the women she sketches. To me, it makes the artwork more interesting and allows women from all walks of life to see themselves in her images; it makes the planner more intimate and personal.

The Packaging is Amazing!

My planner arrived today in a beautiful and matching decorative storage box. It's so pretty that I decided to display mine on my vanity dresser for everyon to see.

Planner Features: taken from Melys' site.

  • 2 Sticker Sheets

  • Hard cover

  • 190 pages

  • Inside pocket

  • Clear pencil case

  • Comes in decorative storage box

  • Plack elastic band

  • Gold wire-o binding

  • Tabs

  • Year-at-glance

  • Month-at-glance

  • Week-at-glance

  • Notes section

  • Illustrations throughout!


  • 6.5x8.5 inches

I cannot say enough good things about Melsy’s planners. In fact, I’m already looking forward to her 2023 design!

The Melsy’s planner retails for $62.00 and in my opinion is worth every dime!

So, if you are a planner lover like me, and want to stay organized with class, elegance, and sophistication. Then look no more! The Melsy planner is waiting for you!

Please visit her site at:

Happy Planning!

Author Bio

Isabella Boston

Isabella Boston is a multi-talented writer and the Founder of Bella’s Attic Studio. She has several years of experience in content writing, copywriting, and social media strategies. She is the author of the romantic and rare memoir, Passion of Flames. Isabella is currently working to spread awareness on the dangers and inhumanity of human sex trafficking. She has special interests in fashion and beauty, health and wellness, and natural healing as it pertains the body, mind and soul. When Isabella is not writing, she enjoys playing the violin, learning new languages (currently Italian), and reading books of substance.

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