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Retro Luxury Hosiery of the 1950s, Made-in-Italy

1950s Hosiery with back seams displayed modesty and elegance of the refined lady. Photo credit:

The fashion of the 1950s was all about modesty, elegance, and sophistication. It was the epitome of CLASS.

Accessories played a vital role in 1950s apparel: pearls, dress gloves, framed handbags, and modest hosiery were all required to add the right touch of elegance and sophistocation to any outfit.

Vienne Milano, Made-in-Italy luxury hosiery has all the right elements to add vintage elegance and sophistocation to any fashion wardrobe.

Stockings shown: SCARLATTA Scarlet Red Back-Seam, made-in-Italy fine hosiery.

Brand Highlights:

  • Never-before-seen designs.

  • Comfortable, stylish, durable.

  • Eco-friendly and sustainable.

  • Created for every skin tone.

  • Sourced from the finest materials.

  • Made in Italy.

Dress your legs in elegance and sophistocation with Vienne Milano, Made-in-Italy luxury hosiery.

Purchase HERE.

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