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Isabella: The Queen of Hosiery by Vienne Milano Made-in-Italy

An elegant woman is a woman who is well-dressed from her head to her toes:  every hair is in place, her nails are perfectly groomed, her clothes are impeccable, and her legs are draped in fine hosiery.

Isabella Made-in-Italy by Vienne Milano is the epitome of fine hosiery.  Your legs will be pampered is pure luxury, natural beauty, and subtle sophistication.  Never before have you experienced royalty as this:

  • Made from 15 denier.

  • Silky smooth fabric.

  • Satiny and seamless legs.

  • Invisible reinforced toe.

  • Elegant floral lace band.

  • Assorted colors available.

  • Made-in-Italy hosiery.

An elegant woman is a woman to be remembered.  Make a lasting impression with Isabella Made-in-Italy: The Queen of Fine Hosiery.

Purchase ISABELLA Made-in-Italy Hosiery at Vienne Milano.

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