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Best-Selling Italian Luxury Hosiery: Thigh Highs, Stockings, and Tights

Best Sellers and New Arrivals!

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Welcome to my Best-Sellers' Page where you will find the best Italian Luxury hosiery: thigh highs, stockings, and tights by Vienne Milano, Made-in-Italy.

Best Sellers!

ISABELLA is a FIVE-STAR BEST SELLER and is pure perfection with natural beauty and subtle sophistication. Available in five colors. $23.95.

LUANA Sheer Stockings For Garter-Belts is the luxury staple that every woman needs in her wardrobe. Exquisite, Elegant, and Unapologetically Vintage! Available in four colors. $15.95.

ANDREA Opaque Thigh Highs have a classic lace top that holds soft silky-smooth legs. Available in two colors. $26.95.

CLAUDIA Matte Thigh Highs allow you to be free while expressing your true and authentic self! They combine the personality of the 60's with the cutting-edge fashion trends of today. Available in seven colors! $26.95.

New Arrivals!

Purchase Marisa Color Band Sheer Thigh Highs HERE. $24.95.

Purchase MARIA Glossy Tights HERE. $24.95.

Gift Box and Certificate

Delight her with a gift she will always remember you by! Vienne Milano will wrap your choice of luxury hosiery in an elegant and exquisite purple Gift Box. No need to worry about wrapping paper, they have you covered!

Can't decide? VienneMilano offers a convenient gift card, offered in premium packaged gift card or ecard form. This allows you to let "her" choose for herself. She will be estatic to select her own luxurious and elegant stockings straight from Italy!

Pamber you legs in luxury with Vienne Milano Italian Hosiery! Please purchase HERE.

Ciao Bella!


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