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How to Wear Tights With Your Fall Wardrobe

Your Fall Wardrobe Guide

To elongate the legs wear tights and shoes of the same color.

Fall is a wonderful time to look fabulous when wearing tights. The fashion combinations are endless: Bright and bold colors; artistic patterns and designs; and a wide variety of fabrics will add character to any fall outfit. Whether you are attending a holiday party or just hanging out with some friends, these fashion ideas are sure to get you noticed when wearing your fall hosiery.

Tights are not only fashionable but can also flatter and accentuate your figure. For the best possible effect please keep these general tips in mind when wearing and selecting your tights.

When Should You Wear Tights?

  • During the fall and winter months

  • With boots, booties, or pointed-toe heels

  • With skirts and dresses

  • With dress pants

  • To show off your legs while also covering up imperfections, such as cellulite and varicose veins.

Wear smaller-print tights to slim the legs.


  • To elongate your legs, match the color of your tights with your shoes.

  • Pair opaque tights with skirts or dresses that are equal in weight and opt for an ankle or over-the-knee boot.

  • For a more natural or subtle look, match tights with your skin tone or opt for sheer hosiery.

  • Choose smaller-print tights for a thinner leg.

  • To look sexy or glamourous, wear stay-up tights.

  • When wearing bright-colored tights, keep the rest of your outfit neutral.


  • Do not pair dark tights with light-colored shoes ~ This will make your legs look heavy.

  • Do not wear shiny tights if you do not want to accentuate your legs.

  • Do not buy your tights too small or too big ~ This will not only make you feel uncomfortable but may also make you look bad.

  • Never wear tights with socks over them ~ If you opt to wear your tights with trainers, skip the socks.

  • Don't wear thick tights to a formal affair, opt for sheer hosiery instead.

  • Don't wear tights that are torn, stretched, or pilling at the toes. Always make sure your nylons are clean and fresh.

When wearing sneakers or trainers, opt for no socks over your tights.

Express Yourself!

In all honesty, there is no wrong way to wear tights. Express yourself and your own inner beauty by wearing tights in your own unique way!

Be creative, be authentic, and most importantly be you!

Vienne Milano is a luxury hosiery brand that specializes in stay-up tights made in Italy. You will find a large array of colors, patterns, and styles that will compliment any fall wardrobe.


Bella's Attic Studio is a proud affiliate partner with VienneMilano Italian Thigh High Stockings. If you make a purchase through our site, we may earn a commision at no extra cost to you.

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Be as colorful and stylish as the beautiful fall leaves by pairing fashionable tights with your fall outift.

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