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How To Spot a Classy Man

“Men with good intentions make promises. Men with good character keep them.” - R. Oliver

What is a classy man?

A classy man is authentic. He will stand up for what he believes in, even if he must stand alone. A classy man is one who has manners, is polite, and true to himself in every situation. He will defend and speak up for the people he loves, as well as, for those around him. A classy man is responsible for his words and his actions. He is confident in himself, but never arrogant. A classy man understands that a real woman can take care of herself, but he will never allow her to do so. He knows what he wants both in and outside of the relationship and he has the upmost respect for himself and for his partner.

Here Are Twenty Ways To Spot a Classy Man

1. A classy man will respect you ~ A classy man will always treat you with respect, even when he is upset or angry. Before you date a man, pay attention to how he speaks about other women and to how he treats, or how he has treated women in the past. A classy man should respect you on every level and treat you as his equal and not just as an object or as his possession. He should care about your feelings and your overall well-being.

2. A classy man respects himself ~ Before a man can respect you, he must first respect himself. A classy man will not allow others to disrespect him in any way. He will speak up for himself with dignity and pride, and he will also set healthy boundaries for himself in all his relationships, both in and outside of the family. A classy man knows his true worth and is not afraid to show or express it.

3. He will never try to control you ~ A classy man will never try and control you. He is comfortable leading by example and respects you as his partner and equal. He understands that you are your own separate and unique person with your own mind, feelings, and goals. He welcomes your opinions and concerns and respects them accordingly. A classy man is flexible and only wants to improve a situation.

4. He does not project his fears or insecurities onto you ~ A classy man takes responsibility for himself. He can acknowledge his own fears, insecurities, flaws, and does not project them onto you. He is willing to do whatever it takes to better himself as a person, partner, and man.

5. He keeps his promises ~ A classy man is true to his word. He keeps his promises to you, no matter how difficult it may be. Of course, there are times when life will throw him a “curve ball” and things may be out of his control, but for the most part, a classy man always keeps his promises. Remember, a promise without the action behind it, is simply manipulation and control.

6. He appreciates the good in life ~ A classy man has a positive mind and a grateful heart. He appreciates the good in life and looks forward to all the good life has to offer. He never plays victim, but takes responsiblity for his life and makes the best out of it.

7. He is faithful and loyal ~ A classy man values and respects what he has with you and will not compromise it for anyone or anything. He is loyal to his partner and knows that a good and healthy relationship takes dedication, commitment, and hard work from both parties. A classy man does not cheat. This is what makes him so attractive to other women and what sets him apart from other men.

8. He will protect you ~ A classy man will not only provide for you and the family, but he will also protect your mind, body, and soul. He will care about your needs and overall well-being and will even consider putting them before his own self and comfort. A classy man will not only provide financial security but will also provide emotional security. He will be comforting and will always make you feel safe and okay.

9. He tells you when he is upset ~ A classy man will tell you when he is upset and will not play mind games, such as, stonewalling, gaslighting, or ghosting you when it’s convenient for him. He will express his emotions to you and act like a mature adult.

10. A classy man will be honest with you ~ A classy man will be honest with you no matter how hard it may be. He respects you as a person and he respects the relationship the two of you have built together.

11. He takes the initiative ~ A classy man will take the initiative to address any issues in the relationship. He will not wait for you to solve all the problems alone. He will also take you out to dinner without having to ask you. He already knows what you like and what you need when you need it. Some men are afraid to take lead, but not a classy man. He already has it “handled”.

12. A classy man never gives up ~ A classy man will never run away from difficult situations. He is never a coward, even when he is afraid. He faces fear head on and will never leave you alone during difficult times. A classy man is reliable and will always do his best to make sure you feel secure at all times.

13. He will care about you ~ A classy man will notice everything about you and will naturally be inquisitive about you. He will ask things like, “What’s your favorite movie? What interesting books have you read lately? What new projects or goals do you have? How is your day going?” A classy man will not just talk or care about himself.

14. A classy man learns from past mistakes ~ A classy man learns from past mistakes and does not let them define or limit him. He can see the good in every situation and can humbly learn from it.

15. A classy man shares in the chores ~ A classy man has no problem is sharing the chores around the home. He understands that the two of you are a team and has no problem in doing his part to help.

16. A classy man is not afraid of your success or intelligence ~ A classy man supports you in your dreams, goals, and ambition. He encourages you to do your best and is not intimidated by your success, talent, or intelligence.

17. A classy man takes responsibility for his actions ~ A classy man never shifts the blame to his partner, or anyone else for that matter. He acknowledges his error and is sincerely apologetic for it. He understands that saying “I’m sorry,” does not make him any less of a man. In fact, it makes him more so of one because it demonstrates his integrity, courage, and character to admit his own faults and to want to correct them.

18. A classy man has a life outside of his partner ~ A classy man has interests, hobbies, and passions outside of his relationship with you. He is always setting new goals for himself and working hard to obtain them. Your relationship does not define who he is as an individual. He allows you to have space to pursue your own life and he expects you to do the same for him. In doing so, you both have something interesting and valuable to bring to the “table”.

19. He adds to your own happiness ~ During a relationship, you should never expect someone else to make you happy, because you are responsible for your own happiness up to a certain point. However, a classy man will add to your own happiness and never take away from it. A relationship is 50/50. Both parties should give and receive equally. If only one of you is happy, then the relationship needs to be reevaluated and adjustments made.

20. A classy man will never string you along ~ A classy man will never string you along or put you on the “back burner” just to benefit himself. He will be direct and honest with you at all times and will respect you enough to end the relationship if he no longer feels it is worth keeping.

Author’s Bio

Isabella Boston

Isabella Boston is a multi-talented writer and the creator of Bella’s Attic Studio. She is well-versed in copywriting, articles and research, and medical content writing with a focus on traumatic brain injury (TBI), autoimmune disorders, and inflammation within the body. She is a diarist and the author of Passion of Flames.

When Isabella is not writing, she enjoys reading, learning new languages, and spreading God’s Holy Word.


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