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How to Rid Your Home of Pests: What Exterminators Don't Want You to Know

Rid Your Home of Pests the Safe, Quick, and Effective Way!

Get rid of pests the safe and effective way using CimeXa.

Most exterminators are in the business to make money, not to help you get rid of pests. If they solved everyone’s pest problem, they wouldn’t be in business.

In addition, exterminators rely on pest control resistant products that not only don’t work but are also harmful to humans and the enviroment. As a result, you continue to have problems with unwanted pests and you also put your health at great risk for terminal illnesses and disease.

But there is one safe product exterminators don’t want you to know about and that is scientifically PROVEN to eliminate pests:  CIMEXA.

What is CimeXa?

CimeXa is a fine insecticide dust composed of 100% Amorphous Silica Gel.  It kills adult bed bugs (as well as roaches and other insects), their nymphs, and hatchlings, including pyrethroid resistant bed bugs.  Once bugs come in contact with this highly effective dust, their exoskeleton is destroyed by the depletion of moisture and oils.  The insect quickly dehydrates and dies, usually within the first 24 hours. And because CimeXa was designed to “cling” to the insect, they will unknowingly take this powerful insecticide back to their nests where it will be exposed to their mates, offspring, and other pests.

CimeXa also kills ticks, lice, roaches, flies, silverfish, termites, spiders, and just about anything that will crawl through it.

A study was done by the National Library of Medicine (NIH) and showed greater than 95% mortality (kill) rate in 2 to 4 days with CimeXa.

CimeXa Highlights

  • Nontoxic to humans, pets, and the environment

  • Continues to kill bugs for up to 10 years when left undisturbed

  • Non-repellant (bugs don’t know it’s there)

  • East-to-use

  • Cost efficient

  • Eco-friendly

  • 100% mortality rate

Protect your home, family, and property from the dangers of pests using CimeXa insecticide dust.

Purchase HERE.

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