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Elegant Stay-Up Thigh Highs For Every Occasion: Luxury Hosiery Made in Italy

If you are like most women who want to want to wear thigh-high stockings, you have probably had some bad experiences when wearing them. They either will not stay up, or they are made from cheap materials that run.

In addition, you may have found it difficult to find stay-up thigh highs that can be worn on every occasion and will not break your bank. So many of the varieties today are either for costume wear or are only designed for the bedroom and even those can be too expensive to purchase.

And if you are full-sized woman or a person of color, you probably have had trouble finding beautiful stay-up hosiery in your size and skin tone. Am I right?

With very few options available, this can leave you feeling disappointed and a bit discouraged when shopping for hosiery.

Introducing VienneMilano, “the first luxury hosiery brand and online boutique dedicated to thigh high stockings, over the knee socks, and knee-high socks”.

(Disclosure: Bella's Attic Studio is an affiliate marketer with the brand(s) mentioned in this post and if you make a purchase through the links or banners, we may receive a commission from our partners at no extra cost to you.)

The Story

Ten years ago, Vienne created VienneMilano. She had a passion for fashion, travel, and fine hosiery. Vienne had a vision of bringing luxury thigh high stockings that were made in Italy to women in the United States of America. For years, she traveled all over Europe and Asia and brought back fine Italian hosiery and fashion accessories that were not available in North America. “I could not find beautiful thigh highs that could be worn for every occasion…at the time, the stockings I found did not stay up, were meant for Halloween, or were too expensive for me to afford,” Vienne wrote to me one day.

Frustrated, Vienne decided to leave her comfortable, but meaningless corporate job, and dedicate her time in creating VienneMilano. Her hard work paid off, because one year later, her first collection of fine hosiery was born!

“My goal is to reintroduce thigh highs as an elegant accessory for every occasion.” - VienneMilano.

What VienneMilano Offers:

· Never seen before and exclusive original designs.

· Small and plus size hosiery.

· Stockings weaved from the highest quality threads and fabrics.

· Elegant thigh highs that stay up.

· All hosiery is made in Italy.

· All products are sourced from oeko-tex certified suppliers.

VienneMilano serves on the advisory board of Uncommon Threads, a non-profit organization that focuses on supporting and uplifting low-income women. She also serves on the board of Aspire which focuses on the challenges that Asian American women face daily.

Elegance, quality, and sophistication is what VienneMilano is all about.

To learn more about VienneMilano stockings, please visit her online boutique HERE!

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