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Eight Elegant Ways to Wear Thigh High Stockings! Fall and Winter Fashion Ideas

Luxury Thigh Highs from Italy.

Written by Isabella Boston.

*Disclosure: I am an affiliate marketer with the brand(s) mentioned in this post and if you click on some of the links or banners, I may receive a commission from my partners should you decide to purchase from them now or in the near future.

Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside." ~ Coco Chanel.

I just love autumn! The cool crisp breeze and beautiful fall leaves just takes my breath away. It’s also a wonderful time to enjoy fashion, and thigh- high stockings are a fun and elegant way to accessorize the perfect fall outfit for any occasion!

When selecting your thigh-high stockings, make sure you choose the correct style and size that is right for you. You should keep a variety of colors and patterns on hand to wear with any number of outfits. The key is to keep things simple. Elegance is all about simplicity. So, if you want to wear a printed dress, choose thigh highs in nude with no pattern. Likewise, if you want to wear patterned thigh highs, then choose a non-patterned outfit. (Below: LUANA Sheer Thigh Highs for Garter-belts sold at VienneMilano.)

Thigh-High Colors and How to Pair Them

  • Classic Elegance ~ Choose navy blue, charcoal grey, or chocolate brown.

  • Soft Elegance ~ Choose lace patterns, sheer colors, or polka dots.

  • Understated Elegance ~ Choose a nude color to wear with any floral or printed dress.

  • Bold Elegance ~ Add a pop of color by selecting orange, red, or textured thigh highs.

A baby doll dress is perfect to pair with your favorite thigh highs. You can have fun with different patterns and textures for an elegant or playful look. Baby doll dresses will also give you that sexy, yet innocent effect. Try the ANDREA Opaque or the ISABELLA thigh high stockings to wear with the baby doll.

Pair bold fishnet thigh highs with your favorite elegant blouse and pencil skirt giving you the perfect vintage look with a slight touch of “edge”. The GIORGIA fishnet is perfect for this

Be unforgettable at that next cocktail party. Wear a sheer pair of thigh highs with an elegant cocktail dress. If you are daring, choose a dress with a slit, showing just enough of your thigh- high band! The ISABELLA sheer thigh high stocking is the perfect choice for this outfit.

Thigh highs are perfect to wear with your favorite fall sweater dress or mini skirt. Add your favorite pair of boots for the perfect addition to this ensemble. The SOPHIA Herrringbone Thigh Highs are perfect to complete this fall masterpiece.

Look like an elegant queen in the board room! Thigh Highs in navy, black, or pinstripe will add just the right touch of elegance to any business suit, pencil skirt, or sheath dress. The perfect thigh-highs for this look are the GRETA Rhinestone Fishnet Thigh Highs, below top image, and the ALESSIA Striped Fishnet Thigh Highs, below bottom image.

Wear thigh highs under a pair of blue denim jeans paired with a white lace blouse or a large sweater. Just knowing you are wearing real luxury underneath your jeans will make you feel even more elegant. One of the things I love about thigh highs, besides feeling classy and sexy in them, is the ease of use when going to the ladies' room. (ISABELLA Sheer Thigh Highs shown below.)

Let’s not forget an elegant date night. Dazzle him this fall in a romantic sapphire blue dress with matching Pricilla thigh highs (image A) sold at VienneMilano. And, after the fine wine and delicious meal head home for dessert! Change into a sexy Darling Robe in champagne with ANDREA Ivory Opaque thigh highs (image B). Ohhh la la! I promise, you will make the perfect dish!

Pearls are always appropriate." ~ Jackie Kennedy.

Remember to keep jewelry and makeup to a minimum, and apply perfume in moderation. A strand of pearls can add elegance to any outfit. Again, simplicity is the key!

Stay Elegant this fall with these fabulous wardrobe ideas and luxurious thigh highs from VienneMilano!

To purchase your luxury thigh highs, click image below or above link.

Author Bio

Isabella Boston

Isabella Boston is a multi-talented writer and the Founder of Bella’s Attic Studio. She has several years of experience in content writing, copywriting, and social media strategies. She is the author of the romantic and rare memoir, Passion of Flames. Isabella is currently working to spread awareness on the dangers and inhumanity of human sex trafficking. She has special interests in fashion and beauty, health and wellness, and natural healing as it pertains to the body, mind and soul. When Isabella is not writing, she enjoys playing the violin, learning new languages (currently Italian), and reading books of substance.

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