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Best Kept Bed Bug Secret: What exterminators don't want you to know

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My True Bed Bug Story

Living with a bedbug infestation is terrifying. It can leave you sleep deprived and psychologically scared for the rest of your life. Just the thought of these miniature blood-sucking vampires feeding on you as you sleep can make your skin crawl.

But guess what? There is an easy and simple solution that can help you to get your life back.

I am going to share with you my own personal story on just how I beat bed bugs using this amazing product.

But first,

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are flat oval insects that are the size of an apple seed. They usually come out at night and feed on their victim as they sleep. However, they can live and breed in just about anything, including couches, electronics, light fixtures, and toys. They multiply quickly and can hitch a ride into your home by hiding in your luggage, clothes, brief case, and books.

I lived with a bed bug infestation for six months after unknowingly moving into an infested building. It cost us thousands of dollars, my brand new furniture, and most importantly my sanity. I eventually had to throw in the towel, abandon my apartment, and start completely over. When it was all said and done: I owned one pair of flip flops in the middle of October. (My partner and I also placed some things in storage: musical instruments, a vintage record collection, my high-end handbags, and some miscellaneous things. But, before you think about putting your things in storage, please read my recent update at the end of this post.) I was also able to save my important documents (I placed all paperwork in ziplock storage bags) and some of my clothes. To prevent further reinfestation, I washed the clothes in hot water and dried them in a dryer on high heat for at least 48 minutes. I then tightly sealed my clothes in plastic trash bags for several weeks (Yes, I had to live out of my trash bags for a while).

However, as I prepared to move into my new home, I became worried that I would still somehow unknowingly take these annoying pests with me.

And that's exactly what happened.

Unwelcome Guest

After my move, things were really starting to look up. My partner purchased me brand new furniture, bought me some new clothes and shoes, and I was looking forward to a fresh new start. But my happiness was short lived.

One morning after doing laundry, I found a small bed bug on the top of my washing machine hiding under the laundry basket. My heart sank.

I quickly found a rag and smashed it. But the sad realization hit me that with all my efforts, I did not escape the bed bugs. I had brought them with me.

Despair overcame me and I started to decline into a state of depression knowing that my unwelcomed guests would most likely start feasting on me once again.

I didn't know what to do.

I took to the internet and did a Google search on bed bug success stories. That's when I came across an amazing product that gave some very promising results.

It’s called CIMEXA.

How it Works

CimeXa is a fine insecticide dust composed of 100% Amorphous Silica Gel. It kills adult bed bugs, nymphs, and hatchlings, including pyrethroid resistant bed bugs. Once bugs come in contact with it, their exoskeleton is destroyed by the depletion of moisture and oils. The insect will quickly dehydrate and die, usually within the first 24 hours.

It also kills ticks, lice, roaches, flies, silverfish, termites, and just about anything that will crawl through it.

CimeXa is similar to diatomaceous earth (DE), but much more effective. If you are familiar with DE, you know that it is crushed fossilized diatoms (silica based single-cell algae) that kills by cutting through the waxy cuticle of an insect. However, a scientific study done with the NIH National Library of Medicine showed a 100% mortality rate in 2 to 4 days with CimeXa vs a 14-day mortality with diatomaceous earth. CimeXa has been engineered to give maximum results by providing a "static cling" effect and was proven to work against both the common bed bug, C lectularius, and the tropical bed bug, C Hemipterus.

Bed bugs do not have to eat CimeXa in order for it to work and it is not a repellent, meaning that they will walk through it when applied correctly. It has low toxicity and is odorless. You also don't have to worry about it getting wet, in fact, some users mix it with water and spray it as an application. One 4-oz bottle retails for about $17.56 or less. That’s a fraction of the cost for one treatment with a professional exterminator. And remember, this is a residual insecticide dust; it continues to kill bugs up to ten years when left undisturbed.

CimeXa can be extremely drying and irritating if you get in on your skin. A simple solution is to wear gloves when applying or wash your hands with soap and water once finished. You should also wear a mask when applying this product as it is a very fine dust that can get into your lungs if inhaled.

Okay, back to my story:

How I Used Cimexa to Prevent Another Infestation

After reading the positive reviews on CimeXa, I decided to order me two bottles. Once they arrived, I went to work applying it along the entire perimeter of my apartment. I treated my bed frame, living room furniture, dressers, kitchen drawers, light fixtures, and electrical outlets. I also put certified bed bug encasements on my mattress, box spring, and pillows AND placed bed bug inceptors on all the legs of my furniture. This prevented any new bed bugs from getting to me as I slept. As an extra precaution, I lightly dusted the canals of the inceptors with CimeXa.

(If you have carpet, I highly recommend that you vaccum your entire house or apartment daily, making sure to empty the bag or contents into a plastic bag, sealing it, then disposing it outside in the trash or dumpster.)

On the second day of treatment, I found what looked like a bread crumb on the back of my kitchen sink. Only it wasn't a bread crumb. It was another bed bug.

However, at closer inspection, this bed bug was DEAD.

It looked like the CimeXa had worked! This nymph looked as if it had desperately struggled to get away from the treated cracks on the floor by crawling up to the sink in hopes of avoiding dehydration and death: however, It failed miserably and now lay dead on my countertop.

I couldn't have been happier!

The Next Couple of Weeks

Over the next couple of weeks, I went to bed each night fearful and with much anxiety that I would awake the next morning covered in bites.

But that never happened.

In fact, It has been two years now, and I am still bed bug free!

This one powder, CimeXa, changed my life for the better. It's the number one weapon in my bed bug arsenal, in fact, it's the only weapon that I need.

You too Can Be Bed Bug Free

Just imagine going to bed every night and no longer worrying about waking up with red and itchy bumps. Picture having family and friends over again without the embarrassment of having to first explain that you have a bed bug infestation.

No more harmful chemicals. No more wasted money on exterminators that offer you nothing more than empty promises.

Try this amazing and proven product today!

Update as of Tuesday April 9, 2024: My partner and I recently went to retrieve some of my designer bags from the storage unit we rented. The items had been there for about three and a half years. From everything I had read, bed bugs can only live up to 18 months without feeding so we both thought all items would be free from any bed bugs; however, THIS WAS NOT TRUE!

After bringing the items home still sealed in their plastic bags, we unloaded everything inside a bed bug heater as an extra precautionary measure. The plastic bags the items had been kept in were immediately taken outside to a trash dumpster. I then heat treated the items for about 4 hours with the temperature reaching a little over 135 degrees Fahrenheit.

When I unloaded the items from the bug heater, I noticed one dead bug on one of my handbag's dust coverings. I was unable to determine if it was an adult bed bug or not so as a precautionary measure, I placed the remainder of my heat-treated items in a plastic tub that had previously been treated with CimeXa. I put a lid over the tub and left the items there for about 14 days.

Surely everything was okay now, right? Well, not exactly.

As I was going through my high-end items, I noticed what looked like yellow cracker crumbs on yet another dust jacket. They were so small that I had to take a picture of them with my phone's camera so I could blow the image up for a closer look. There was no doubt that the "crumbs" were bed bug egg casings and dead nymphs (baby bed bugs). It appears that bed bug eggs are more heat resistant than the bugs themselves and require a longer time under extreme heat. Even then, they might survive.

So, the reason I share all this with you is to say that if you think putting your things in storage for a number of years will eliminate your bed bug problem....think again! Because it won't.

Regardless of what the "experts" say and all the scientific studies show, I know from experience that these are God's creatures and nature will always find a way! How else do you explain bed bug eggs surviving after almost four years of being sealed in a plastic bag that was stored in a storage unit and later put through a heat treatment for four hours?

So, of course I have much anxiety that I may have reinfected my apartment, but I am a woman of strong faith and I always PRAY to God for guidance. He has never failed me yet. There are blessings disguised in the lessons!

I am currently keeping the things I retrieved from the storage unit stored and sealed in the CimeXa-treated plastic tub. If for some reason any additional bed bug eggs have survived and hatched after the heat treatment, God is telling me they will die on their own, so long as they do not recieve their first blood meal. (And, I don't plan on giving them that!) In addition, I have CimeXa as an extra layer of protection throughout my entire apartment.

I highly reccommend that if you are battling a bed bug infestation, you wash all your clothing and dry them on HIGH HEAT. This will kill all bed bugs in all stages EXCEPT the eggs. For this reason, you will need to seal all heat-treated clothes and items in a plastic bag for four weeks to ensure that a new generation of bed bugs do not emerge. I would probably even go as far as heating them a second time after the four weeks are over, just to make sure.

As for me and my story, I am confident that God will guide me through this once again if necessary. And, unlike the first time, I am better prepared for the battle! I have CimeXa on my side!

If you have any questions about the way I have used CimeXa to combat bed bugs, please email me from the “contact” section of my blog. I will do my best to try and help you.

Many blessings,


Author’s Bio

Isabella Boston

Isabella Boston is a multi-talented writer and the creator of Bella’s Attic Studio. She is well-versed in copywriting, articles and research, and medical content writing with a focus on traumatic brain injury (TBI), autoimmune disorders, and inflammation within the body. She is a diarist and the author of Passion of Flames.

When Isabella is not writing, she enjoys reading, learning new languages, and spreading God’s Holy Word.


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