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Bedbug Invasion in Paris: Insects reported crawling on busses and trains

Authorities in a Panic With Summer Olympic Games Only Ten Months Away

There are only ten months before the opening of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, but the French capital is battling an invasion of bedbugs.

According to journalist Elaine Cobbe with CBS News, the blood-sucking insects were first reported over the summer in vacation rental apartments and hotels but were later sighted in movie theaters. In most recent days, they have been seen crawling on the seats of national high-speed trains and on the Paris Public Metro system.

They were even discovered in the cabin of a metro driver. Yikes!

Shocked and panic-stricken train passengers have shared videos of the tiny pests on social media (see video at end of this post) warning passengers to inspect their seats and surroundings before they sit down.

In recent weeks, pest control companies in Paris have been inundated trying to combat the problem. Parisians spend an average of $500, per home treatment, once bedbugs are discovered.

Paris City Hall is worried about the potential risk for visitors to the 2004 summer Olympic and Paralympic Games. Deputy Mayor of Paris Emmanuel Grégoire has called on the government to put together a plan to address the issue, “Bedbugs are a public health issue and should be declared as such,” he stated.

A meeting is planned sometime this week with various public transport operators with a focus on “reassuring and protecting” travelers.

An increase in tourism and a greater resistance to insecticides are believed to be the main two reasons behind the influx of bedbugs in France.

What are bedbugs and how can I get rid of them?

Bedbugs are small rust-colored insects that feed on human blood. They can survive on the blood from other mammals such as bats, rats, and pets, but human blood is their choice of preference.

Small as an apple seed, bedbugs can fit into any space as narrow as a credit card. They are excellent travelers and can hitch a ride inside your luggage, on your clothes, or even inside your library book. They are also known to have been found inside electronic devices and computers! Once inside your home, they are a nightmare and almost impossible to eradicate. One pregnant female bug can produce five eggs in just a day! This can equal to over 1,800 bed bugs crawling around in your home in just one year.

To make matters worse, bedbugs are resistant to most insecticides on the market and the only sure thing to kill them is heat; It is their kryptonite. Another good way to combat these parasites is by using Cimexa insecticide dust. One study showed a 100% mortality rate in only 2 to 4 days. Cimexa successfully killed adult bedbugs, nymphs and hatchlings, including pyrethroid resistant bedbugs. Once bugs encounter the dust, it destroys their exoskeleton and depletes them of moisture and oil. They usually die within the first 24 hours.

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