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14 Low-Cost and Fun Activities for Couples

How to Keep the Romance on Tight Budget

As much as most of us would love to eat out at a fancy restaurant more often or attend a nice play or concert, our budgets don’t always allow it. But living within our means doesn’t have to equal to boring. It just means we get to be a little more creative when planning a nice date with our loved ones and partner.

Here are 12 low-cost activities for couples:

1. Cooking together - Cooking together can be a wonderful time to bond and have fun. If you are looking for some budget-friendly recipes, try this site!

2. Movie night – Pop some popcorn and find a good movie to watch! The last time I checked a Netflix subscription cost around $7/month. And if you are on a tight budget like me, then try Tubi, because it’s free! They also have a large variety of great movies, documentaries, and drama series for you select and enjoy. You can even light some candles, pour some wine, and make it a “night to remember”.

3. Game night - Dust off those game boxes stashed in the closet and have a game night! Whether it’s playing Uno, Checkers, or Monopoly – grab the chips and dip for some good old-fashioned fun. Why not have a “couple’s night?” and invite some friends over for a game of Midnight Taboo! Board games not for you? Then pull out the game controllers for the battle of the video games!

4. Picnic - Enjoying lunch with your partner on a cozy blanket surrounded by nature can be so romantic and relaxing. If you can find a park near water, that’s even better! Just make some sandwiches, pack some fruit and drinks, and spend the day making beautiful memories together.

5. Visit a museum - Museums are not only educational, engaging, and fun, but they are also usually free to the public. In addition, they offer something to do for everyone. Whether it is art, music, history, literature, or science that may interest you, a museum is a great way for you and your partner to have a romantic and enjoyable time together.

6. See a free play or concert together – Check with your local recreation and community centers for any upcoming plays and performances. I was surprised to see that many of the events in my area were free! They also have seminars when poets, authors, and other creatives come out to guest speak!

7. Visit a winery for a free wine tasting - If you are a wine lover like me, then google free wine tastings in your area or visit a local winery. Please see my tips on wine tasting etiquette here.

8. Go biking together – Burn some calories and enjoy a day bike riding together! You will not only have fun, but before you know it, you will have traveled many miles together while also making beautiful memories. Traditional biking not your thing? Then how about hopping on a motorcyle together for a scenic and romantic ride?

9. Walk in nature or go hiking together- Nothing beats a romantic walk in nature or a day hiking together. Leave the phones at home so you can hold hands as you connect to each other deeply surrounded by the peace and tranquility of nature.

10. Watch a sunrise or sunset together - This is such a sweet and simple way to enjoy and feel each other’s presence and love. You can either enjoy a cup of coffee as you watch the sun rise or sip some wine as the sun sets. Just make sure the two of you don’t forget the warm kisses too!

11. Go out to breakfast - Going out for breakfast at a quaint diner or small tavern with your partner can be so cozy, romantic, and memorable. You get to eat all your favorite homestyle foods and save money too as dining out for breakfast is much more affordable than dining out for dinner.

12. Go for a scenic drive - My partner and I love hopping in the car on a nice day and taking a scenic drive through historic Georgetown in Washington, DC. We usually stop at the harbor just in time to embrace under the sunset as we look out at the boats sailing in the beautiful water. Sometimes we also watch the planes take off - It’s so enchanting and romantic.

13. Eat ice cream cones in the park - This is one of my favorites! My partner and I once drove to the harbor and bought vanilla ice cream cones from the ice cream truck. We felt like two teenagers in-love as we took pictures licking our cones together while enjoying the picturesque view.

14. Have breakfast in bed – Sleep in and have a romantic breakfast in bed! Who knows, after the cozy and delicious meal, you might just stay there and nibble on each other.

No matter what you chose to do together, just remember to make it positive, make it memorable, and make it fun!

Author Bio

Isabella Boston

Isabella Boston is a multi-talented writer and the founder of Bella’s Attic Studio. She is well-versed in content writing, copywriting, and social media strategies with a focus on health and wellness, fashion and beauty, and natural healing as it pertains to the body, mind, and the soul. She is also a romance writer and the author of Passion of Flames.

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